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Leony Vitria Hartanti

Leony Vitria Hartanti
Born ; Jakarta, 20 September 1987

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Leony with her handphoneLeony with her handphone

Leony keep smile with eyeglassesLeony keep smile with eyeglasses

Leony in wedding ceremonyLeony in wedding ceremony

Leony sweet brown dressLeony sweet brown dress

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Leony Sweet  be loose hairLeony Sweet be loose hair

Leony when childLeony when child

Leony keep smileLeony keep smile

Leony with simple greenLeony with simple green

Dea Ananda

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Popular Name ; Dea Ananda
Real Name ; Nadia Budi Ananda
Born ; Jakarta - Indonesia, 25 Mei 1986


Nadia Budi Ana, was like this his complete name, but this former small singer was more famous by the name of Dhea Ana. The daughter of the couple RM Bambang Budi and BDM Novida this was known as the singer since the age of the age of children. Where himself with Affandy and Leony formed the group of the child the Kwak Kwek Trio. The Jakarta - Indonesia birth woman, May 26 1986 that with his group had released the song like Rame rame (1993), Semua Oke (1994), Janga Marah (1995), Tanteku (1996), Tari Samba (the Samba Dance) (1997), Katanya (1998), Bus Sekolah (2001). Apart from also had released the solo album, like 16 lilin (candles), Lebaran, 25 Nabi (prophets), who were popular with his song Surga di Telapak Kaki Ibu, Lagu Aku, Kau dan Dia, et cetera. Together with the development himself, Dhea that also had become the presenter for the Plus TPI Clip program (1996) and Be-Te (1999) that, afterwards spread the wings by starring in several films. His famous film covered Lupus Millenia, Cerita Cinta, Malam Pertama, Djail, Kisah Sediah Di Hari Minggu, Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe and Anak Haram. Bahkan in 2007, Dhe also starred in the wide screen film, Hantu (the GHOST) (2007).

Wikipedia of Dea Ananda (Indonesia version)

Dea Ananda with casual dressDea Ananda with casual dress

Dea Ananda with sporty and jeans Dea Ananda with sporty and jeans

Dea Ananda cheerful look into eyesDea Ananda cheerful look into eyes

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Dewi Sandra

Dewi Sandra sexy in blackDewi Sandra sexy in black

Dewi Sandra hot in simple poseDewi Sandra hot in simple pose

Dewi Sandra take pictureDewi Sandra take picture

Dewi Sandra with hatDewi Sandra with hat

Dewi Sandra black white 01Dewi Sandra black white 01

Dewi Sandra black white 02Dewi Sandra black white 02

Dewi Sandra
Born ; Brasil, 03 April 1980


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Popular name ; Krisdayanti
Born ; Batu - Jawa Timur - Indonesia, 24 Maret 1975


Krisdayanti (born March 24, 1975 in Malang, East Java) is the first Asia Bagus Grand Champion from Indonesia. The first recording that she did was when she was just a 9-year-old girl. For that, she received Rp 15,000 for dubbing the Megaloman soundtrack. Her next album was Burung-Burung Malam. She recorded it at the age of 12. However, her album did not do well.[citation needed]

During her high-school days, she participated in many singing competitions and modeling pageants. In 1991, she became a finalist in Gadis Sampul, a cover girl contest. It was also during that period she met James Sundah and recorded two songs for him. With that, she began to receive many invitations to sing and model.

It was Youngki Suwarno who brought Krisdayanti to an Asia Bagus audition. There, she felt inferior because of her appearance. The other contestants were decked in glittering show dresses whereas she was simply dressed in jeans and T-shirt.

After her winning, she became a star instantly. With eight albums to her credit and a few singles, she has reached superstardom. She is not only known in her country but around the Southeast Asian region as well[citation needed]. She has two children with her husband, Anang Hermansyah (also a well-known Indonesian singer/artist).

Wikipedia of Krisdayanti (English version)

Wikipedia of Krisdayanti (Versi Indonesia)

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Krisdayanti beautyful close upKrisdayanti beautyful close up

Krisdayanti in purpel pictureKrisdayanti in purpel picture

Krisdayanti with blonde hairKrisdayanti with blonde hair

Krisdayanti sexy simple poseKrisdayanti sexy simple pose

Krisdayanti with jatuh cinta lagiKrisdayanti with "jatuh cinta lagi"

Krisdayanti in common peopleKrisdayanti in common people

Krisdayanti in common peopleKrisdayanti in common people

Krisdayanti look in to eyesKrisdayanti look in to eyes

Krisdayanti singin in slow motionKrisdayanti singin in slow motion

Krisdayanti in Ami Samsung Awards 2004Krisdayanti in Ami Samsung Awards 2004

Krisdayanti expression its okKrisdayanti expression "its ok"

Krisdayanti in act sinetronKrisdayanti in act sinetron

Krisdayanti in houseKrisdayanti in house

Krisdayanti beauty in red dressKrisdayanti beauty in red dress

Krisdayanti black in red backgroundKrisdayanti black in red background

Krisdayanti black with jeansKrisdayanti black with jeans

Krisdayanti she is pictureKrisdayanti she is picture

Krisdayanti cute with nice eyesKrisdayanti cute with nice eyes

Krisdayanti pass timeKrisdayanti pass time

Happy Salma

Happy Salma
Born ; Sukabumi - Jawa Barat, 04 Januari 1980

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Happy Salma with white simple dressHappy Salma with white simple dress

Happy Salma sexy on the chairHappy Salma sexy on the chair

Happy Salma sexy simpleHappy Salma sexy simple

Happy Salma beauty hairHappy Salma beauty hair

Happy Salma on festival filmHappy Salma on festival film

Happy Salma speak on festival filmHappy Salma speak on festival film

Happy Salma icon webHappy Salma icon web

Happy Salma on the grassHappy Salma on the grass

Zivanna Letisha Siregar

Biography of Zivanna Letisha Siregar by

Borned in Jakarta, 16 February 1989 Zevinna Letisha Siregar is a new comer for Indonesian Celebrities (welcome to showbiz!!!). Come to Putri Indoneisa Contest as Jakarta embrassador and Elected as the Putri Indonnesia 2008 beat Ayu Diandra Sari from Bali Islands and Anggie Mahesti from Jogjakarta.

Zivinna Letisha Siregar or also can we called as Zizi, the girl who like modelling get the crown of Miss Indoneisa pageant from Putri Raemawasti. The girl who studying in Economic Faculty of Indonesian University is 2007 generation in her university.

Contest that Zivanna Letisha Siregar (zizi) Wins:

  • Elite Model Look in 2006
  • Putri Indonesia in 2008

Photo Gallery of Chelsea Olivia

Popular Name ; Chelsea Olivia
Real Name ; Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Born ; Jakarta - Indonesia, 29 Juli 1992


Chelsea Olivia Wijaya was born in Jakarta, on July 29 1992. Chelsea had begun to be known to be public since starring in the success film of the RING with his role as Sasta. The film that carried in RCTI, was starred in by him with Ririn Dwi Arianty, Baim Wong, as well as Dude Herlino. After that the offer was in the film arrived to him. Chelsea also had an opportunity to star in the film of Prince PENGGODA with Mischa Chandrawinata, the brother from the former Indonesian daughter of Nadine Chandrawinata. Now for the role affair, this youth star more liked the role of the protagonist than the role of the antagonist, that for him not all that familiar for the spectator.
Apart from playing Chelsea's film also entered to the world attracted the voice with BBB (Not Bintang Biasa) that have a membership pesinetron young like: Laudya Chintya Bella, Raffi Achmad, Dimas Beck, and Beautiful Shita under the singer's guidance and the composer of the Melly Goeslaw song. At this time Chelsea established relations with Glenn Alinskie, the young actor who also played with him in the NAYLA. Sebelumnya DIARY film, Chelsea established the love with the young actor Ricky Harun, Putra Donna Harun.

Chelsea Olivia in act sinetron

Chelsea Olivia with "glamour" dress

Chelsea Olivia ... who is it ... ?

Chelsea Olivia simple in green dress

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