Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nama Baru Peterpan-Master Plan

Group-member band that Ariel (vocals), Uki (guitar), Loekman (bass), and Reza (drums) are forced to change the name Peterpan accordance with the agreement that was made with two other personnel were out, Andika and Indra. Many months, this group continued to search for an appropriate name for his successor. Now, at the end of the deadline, Ariel and his friends have found their new name.

According to source close to this group, reportedly Peterpan name will be replaced with the name of a Master Plan, or abbreviated as MP, which means the basic design. These names, also reportedly agreed that the four new personnel.

They assess the exact name because it felt the music they offer in the new album will not change, as they designed the hit songs in the first Peterpan album titled "Garden of Heaven", which immediately received rave community.

Likewise, when they inaugurated the new name and leave the name Peterpan. Ariel and his colleagues hope that diusungnya name will not eliminate the concept of pop rock music Peterpan. The reason, almost all the songs that made Peterpan or MP was made Ariel and her friends arranged, so that the resulting music was not much different from the red thread that already exists.

The selection was reportedly coined the name Uki. The name also has received approval from the three other personnel. In fact, the name of the MP's dipampang Uki's studio in Bandung. Change of name, according to the source of this Peterpan, will be inaugurated during their album release in November.