Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video Panas Shireen Sungkar Beredar

Jakarta, Video shireen Sungkar similar circulating in the virtual world. Fanny Bauty, shireen ibunda with the firm disputed the stars in the video is her son.

"Pas jauhlah we see ya. Is similar poninya only. Wild eyes, nose gede. Much of the same children," said Fanny to detikhot via ponselnya, Tuesday (26/5/2009).

foto panas shireen sungkar

Video shireen similar scene has been making the virtual world. Be in the video 3 minutes 8 seconds it appears a woman doing the intimate relationship with the opposite type.

"My child is no boyfriend, no career. Menghancurin Why he want with it so," said Fanny.

Fanny also do not want to prolong this issue. He feels there is no similarity at all between the artist in the video and their child Sexiest Video. Chat Shireen Sungkar more information?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Laura Basuki Sexy Indonesia Model

Women who go to the entertainment world through his role in the film 'Gara-gara Bola' is also not feel angry or disappointed when the votes similar to the Miyabi. He also did not feel worried will stamped because it is negative.
Laura Basuki (born in Jakarta, 9 January 1988; age 21 years) is Indonesian actress and model. Actress hobby that is traveling the world debut in the film through the Gara-gara Bola in 2008.

Laura Basuki Sexy Indonesia ModelLaura Basuki(Indonesia Miyabi) Sexy Indonesia Model

Foto Mesra Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya Beredar

Couples Ariel peterpan and Luna Maya, and this indeed is a sensational pair, What does not? Much gossip that they make, whether intentional or not. Recent Photos pair Ariel Luna-circulating in the Internet Area. If you find yourself .. Please Search

Foto Mesra Ariel Peterpan Luna MayaAriel and Luna Maya Photo in Dahsyat Award 2009

Emiri Miyasaka Miss Japan Universe 2009

Pictures of Emiri Miyasaka Japan Miss Universe 2009

Emiri Miyasaka Japan Miss Universe 2009Emiri Miyasaka bikini picture

Emiri Miyasaka Japan Miss Universe 2009Emiri Miyasaka sexy picture

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Wulan Guritno is one of the top artist in indonesia. Latest news video about a similar suggestion Wulan guritno was widespread on the internet. Wulan is also a blogger to say that this person is in the video is not him. Wulan own and save the video in his Blackberry. During a press conference yesterday to relaxed Wulan said all journalists around the Games is immoral. And this is when the image Wulan Guritno hold a press meet to confirm the news directly.

Wulan at pers conference


Photo exciting band vocalist vierra create more sensation, in the virtual world, or on internet, the band that brings the flow of energetic pop, and with the famous hits song "dengarkan curhatku", Journalists at the time ask if they (vierra) the image is deliberately spread through the Internet that can push up the popularity of the band Vierra? They said that it is a matter of personal widi (vierra vocolist) and there is no conspiracy behind the image. But I can not image the Categorize photos that are not as ethical as it seems that the image is the image of a normal course.
Foto vokalis vierra yang dianggap syur....

I think it is the cute and very nice photos about Widi the Vierra band Vocalist

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Facebook is now already a trand setter for all the people of the world without exception. With increasingly popular social networking site, the race-all competition to become a member of Facebook, including this artist. Artists are very need for the network can communicate with the fans so that They can continue their careers developed. Here is a list of the artists address facebook famous Indonesia, Daftar alamat facebook Artis terkenal Indonesia :

Alvin Adam

Alyssa Soebandono

Andhara Early

Arie Daginks


Ayudia Bing Slamet


Bunga Citra Lestari

Chaty Sharon

Cesa David

Cindy Bernadett

Daniel Mananta

Dewi Gita

Dian Sastrowardoyo


Eva Celia Lesmana

Evan Sanders

Fanny Rahmasari

Fedi Nuril

Hilman Hariwijaya

Indra Lesmana

Iszur Muchtar

Jeffry Waworuntu

Joko Anwar

Laudya Cynthia Bella


Masayu Anastasia

Mira Lesmana

Robby Tumewu

Salman Aristo

Sari Koeswoyo

Sigi Wimala

Sogi Indra Dhuaja

Tora Sudiro

Uli Herdinansyah

Wulan Guritno


News proximity Pasha 'ungu' and Alyssa Soebandono return heat. Section, while the ungu band concert in Central Sarbini Pasha suddenly fell from the stage and audience to the bench there is Alyssa Alyssa ago to give posy of white roses to the three children of Mr. Pasha then kissed the left cheek and right cheek to Alyssa. However sinetron or (small film duration) Stars Alisa confess that the smell outside Pasha scenario. "If the matter is of interest that is given to the committee for the ungu band. If it is indeed a matter of spontaneous kiss. Icha actually not know at all. I just want more, "he said. The young beauty girl who called Icha confess this is not like that different gossip. "If indeed there are no right (near the Pasha). I will say No!!. But just gossip, "he explained. The Ungu band concert at the former appear to be present Pasha wife, Agustina Okie.

Monday, May 11, 2009



Cinta Laura with new Mazda car

Foto Sexy Manohara Odelia Pinot

Manohara Odelia Pinot young model is the birth of Jakarta, 28 February 1992. Born of a patrician Bugis mother, Daisy Fajarina and father France nation, Reiner Pinot Noack, no wonder if Manohara, name call, inherited form of the face and shapely body.

girl, lady, ladies, princess, beauty girl, sexy girl

DLooking to cover a magazine, many of us wish we had the same skin complexion and that the model on the cover. However, these models have adjusted the photo photo-specialists to improve remove any wrinkles, blemishes and other marks on the pictures. Therefore, if you have a photo improve skills, you might consider offering these services for a fee.


Bunga citra lestari was known as one of the most beautiful celebrity in indonesia. Since her cute picture while she capture her self in the car, she was going to be a famous celebrity. But now the perception of the public is really different, because the public often find bunga citra lestari wearing a sexy costume, the public judge bunga citra lestari as one of the hottest celebrity.

Since her holidays at beach wearing a swim suit was captured on the camera, now she is really known as a really sexy celebrity.

Foto Ratih Kusuma Wardani Majalah FHM

Sexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani -
FHM Model Ratih Kusuma Wardani - sexy Pictures on FHM magazine
Sexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani - www.majalahbugil.comSexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani - www.majalahbugil.comSexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani - www.majalahbugil.comSexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani - www.majalahbugil.comSexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani -
Sexy FHM girls Model - Ratih Kusuma wardani -
Indonesia Top sexy, hot model in FHM magazine cover Photos
FHM magazine is a special woman who always show pictures of sexy women all over the world. Many hollywood celebrities who already have the photos in this magazine.


Hot and Fresh Indonesia Bikini Model 2009, young and sexy indo new model of the year, many of pretty young Indonesia girls are trying their best to show the photograph their best pose on the camera and not only that, most of the are very talented. this could be the next generation of Indonesia sexy model for the future. FOTO SEKSI GADIS INDONESIA will become popular tag in google search every month.

Indonesia Sexy girl photo


foto nindy seksi, nindi cute, nindy cantikyoung beautiful singer picture nindy

gambar foto nindy, wallpaper nindyNindy sexy girl Wallpapers

Nindi or nindy sexy, cute, hot new comer singer in indonesian music. Shes body is very health and sexy. Nindy often because of sports and also eat nutritious food and natural. Each person can appear healthy and sexy as long as Nindy exercise regularly, rest secukupnya, and always eat fruits and vegetables.