Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Film Suster Keramas Dibintangi Artis Jepang+Trailer

Japanese movie star Rin Sakuragi (20) completed the shoot in Bogor, without much publicity. Rin was deeply impressed with the film-making in Indonesia. "Here is my first time playing the movie, but so much fun. Work is not tiring even more entertaining. All who work in this film as indefatigable. Although the shooting stopped several times because of rain, they all can laugh and it makes me laugh and feel great, "Rin said in a conversation with the Ciloto Warta Kota, Bogor, some time ago.

On that occasion, Rin admitted feeling ashamed for not fluent in English so the translator had to be helped.

Rin actually ever come to Indonesia. Several years ago, he came to Bali for the Japanese production filming. This time, Rin comes to films produced in Indonesia, precisely films produced by Maxima Pictures.

Although droplets of rain wetting the skin smooth, Rin Sakuragi stay motivated when I have to repeat a number of scenes. This pretty girl really enjoys working with a film crew from Indonesia. Moreover, he said, a lot of funny things that can make her laugh.

For eight days in Indonesia, according to Rin, a lot of experience he gained. Which according to one of the most exciting Rin is on the break shot, nearly the whole crew can still talk and joke.

In fact, many times the shoot had to be stopped due to sudden rain and repeated again after the rain stopped.

Although originally born girl Kyoto, Japan, is understood a joke made by the film crew, Rin finally asked the purpose of a joke.

"I think we just tired because often laughed, not because of shooting," said Rin. In Japan, Rin added, laughing is a form of health therapy and treatment of youth.

According to Rin, in Japanese, he never found the working atmosphere is full of laughter in Bogor. Making a movie in Japan, he said, very seriously and tend to rigid. "So that worked quickly tired," said Rin is able to spend a gurame fried in a typical restaurant in Bogor Sunda.

Although many jokes, movie still lived Rin seriously. Language barrier was barely cared. In fact, sometimes she plays 158 cm and hobbies are eating fried chicken, trying to understand the direction of the director, although the landing was delivered in sign language.

However, when filming and photography session finished, last weekend, Rin had shed tears. "I'm sad because all this is over. I want more time, but I am bound by contract and must abide by it. I'm still going back to Indonesia and met with these friends, "said the girl in Japan who often starred in this series and soap operas.

Rin's career since she was still rising 17 years. Although once a photo model number of adult magazines in Japan, the girl who is now settled in the city of Hyogo, also known as a model for the product kimono. After that, Rin started getting known for starring in a series of teen films. Sexy photos of Rin will appear in the pages of a special magazine issue adult male Jakarta, at the end of this year.

This is the Suster Keramas Trailer: