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Foto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy Gisela

Foto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy GiselaFoto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy Gisela

Photos kiss Gary Isaac and Poppy Gisella - news about the closeness between Gary Isaac with Poppy Gisella recent news spread and become warmer in various media. The news is now increasingly open to the circulation of pictures of Gary Isaac kisses with outstanding Poppy Gisella social networking facebook our site.

In it was clear Gary's left cheek was kissed by Poppy. Gary wore a black jacket, while Poppy Gary intimate kissing with a black shirt. Behind them both, see the picture clearly Poppy pictures on the walls of the house. The photo was estimated to occur when both were at Poppy's house. As for the event, estimated at Poppy's birthday on December 26, 2009. So far this story is written, there has been no official clarification can be obtained related to the circulation of pictures of Gary Isaac kisses with Poppy Gisella.

Poppy Gisela Biography:

Starting from the world of acting, Poppy Gisela entered the world of entertainment homeland. Stars born in Jakarta, December 26, 1986 was never played in several soap operas and television movie. RULES OF LOVE, STORY 3 STARS, MEN IN BOY is a soap opera that he star. Despite acting like the world, a student of Faculty of Law at the University of Trisakti, Jakarta has a hidden dream to pursue music scene.

In the life of an actress who has appeared in magazines Latest dared, have reportedly close to vocalist King, Ian KASELA. At that time, Poppy is considered as the 'mistress' Ian already has a wife and children. In early 2010, the name associated with Poppy returned home artist who had married, this time Gary Isaac's turn. Poppy rumored to have an affair with Garry is suing for divorce his wife Richa Novisha newly married couple of months. Poppy himself had denied this news and insisted they were just friends. But then circulated photographs Poppy and Gary, where photos taken in one social networking site, was Poppy gave Gary a peck on the cheek. It was said the photo was taken at Poppy's birthday on December 26, 2009.

Foto Syur Mesra Pevita Pearce-Nino Ran Pacaran

Foto Syur Mesra Pevita Pearce-Nino Ran PacaranFoto Syur Mesra Pevita Pearce-Nino Ran Pacaran
Foto Syur Mesra Pevita Pearce-Nino Ran Pacaran
Foto Syur Mesra Pevita Pearce-Nino Ran Pacaran
Gossip Pevita Pearce more excited Dating circulated on the Internet, especially twitter. One group of personnel of the RAN band reportedly was close to Pevita E Pearce. When asked for confirmation about this, Nino "Ran" did not want to explain it further gossip. We met after filling DAHSYAT program in RCTI, Nino Pevita rate figure is a nice young woman to talk so fit made friends.

Ran Biography:

RAN is composed Rayi Son (Rayi) on Vocals / Rap, Astono Andoko (Astono) on guitar and Anindyo Baskoro (Nino) on vocals. RAN appeared in Indonesian music with a light music, easy listening and nuanced direct cheerfully stealing public attention.

RAN comes with different nuances, the music combines soul, pop, R & B and added a touch of hip hop. Plus the lyrics are fresh and simple, making them more easily accepted by the country music fans.

The end of 2007, RAN released their debut album with the title first RAN FOR YOUR LIFE. And this album is received in the market success Indonesian music. Starting at first sight song, Nothing Lasts Forever and for a busy morning playing on the radio and on television.

After the success of the first album, this time the RAN is formed on August 3, 2006 was preparing a second album. On this second album, the RAN will give a surprise by holding Malaysian singer, Sheila to collaborate in the song "Tunjukkan Cintamu".

Pevita pearce Biography:

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce (born in Jakarta, October 6, 1992; age 17 years) is Indonesia movie player. British girl of mixed blood and Banjarmasin Bramwell partner and Ernie Pearce is known for his Auliasari Denias film, senandung in Atas Awan (2006) as Angel. The film is the first experience in acting Pevita in his first big screen without the slightest experience of playing soap operas.

At the end of 2007, Pevita play again in the movie Lost in Love which appear in May 2008. In this film, Pevita a major role as Tita and playing with Richard Kevin who will serve as Adit. Tita role Pevita get through a long series of selection processes ranging from approximately 1,100 applicants through pursed eight people and from the movie Lost in Love, Pevita in nomination as Best Female Main Cast FFI 2008.

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Nikita Willy Sexy Young Artist Wallpapers

wallpaper nikita willy
Foto Seksi Nikita Willy
Foto Artis Nikita Willy

Although alone a abbreviate time, this time Lebaran anniversary is fun for Nikita Willy. Though adequately adolescent age, Nikita Willy additionally had been issued because angpao own income. But admitting earning, extenuative her break because Nikita Willy had a admiration to buy their own cars. Lebaran moment so a lot of fun for her, but she aggregate with their families can additionally adore actuality with kids Nikita Willy age. "It was abundant (as Lebaran), because the aboriginal Lebaran I was in the bosom of the bodies I loved. Although not in the aboriginal village. Lebaran is not the aboriginal big ancestors in the apple but abundant with his parents and grandmother are in Bandung, actual makes me happy.

To be able to adhere with the kids my age there, although not to the apple I could've enjoyed the aliment and singing songs Padang Bukit Tinggi complete this Lebaran deh, 'said Nikita Willy had met in the flat Persari, Jagakarsa, Friday (25 / 9). Running in the ancestors tradition, Nikita Willy now additionally for the-for angpao. "Yes it was a ancestors attitude I've, I ngasih me to their best, to the ancestors and neighbors, who accept baby children. I was additionally accustomed the aforementioned angpao earlier I ngasih angpao into baby (while laughing), not apperceive how abounding numbers but I've biasain for-for angpao, "Nikita Willy explained. But admitting earning, Nikita Willy did not again go on the spree, she was extenuative to buy a dream of new cars. "The money is the tube to be me. I've got a plan to accept their own cars and houses for families, abnormally nyenengin mama, I've had the desire," Nikita Willy added.

Luna Maya Natural Beauty Photos

foto seksi hot luna mayaLuna Maya Beauty Skin
foto seksi hot luna mayaLuna Maya Sexy White Fashion
foto seksi hot luna mayaLuna Maya Natural Beauty

New activities of Luna Maya was additionally fabricated these admirable models are accommodating to not dress up. Admirable Indonesia celeb from Denpasar was alike accepted advisedly did not dress up so she feels added aflame about the assignment becomes a director.

"If the advanced of the awning we accept to accomplish abounding makeup, if you abaft the scenes turbid-turbid wrote not see anyone," Luna Maya said with a smile. "The important affair is we see the focus of the monitor. If in the accomplishments is not turbid, the aroma of sweat, cipher cares," added Luna Maya again.

Luna Maya begin in the area filming SACRED AND THE CITY at Jl. Nature Studio Friendship Depok I, Luna Maya affirmation did not dress up it seems absolutely to be absolutely absorption in administering the actors.