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A little Biographyof Five Vi Rahmawati:

Five Vi Rahmawati known as soap opera actress and advertising model star. Acting Emelisqi bilqis mother of this event can be found in BETAWI KOMEDI series, which aired in TransTV.

Vi itself is the former wife of a man from Malang, Setya Iwan Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006. Vi mengugat divorce her husband, after earlier often received a number of suaminnya violence.

Vi and ex-husband, and involved a protracted dispute about custody of their children by more Vi live and in the care of his father. To resolve any case Vi involving NGOs participated Children, National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) as a place to complain feud.

The court finally won the Five Vi over the custody of their children. However, the problem does not mean complete, because the former husband appealed and bilqis still in her father's arms.

Failed to build relationships locally, Five Vi seems to like 'product' out. After the end of the northern Germany who is a driver, now since mid-2009 he was making love with a man from Italy, Psenner Mark (Marco).

Beraktingnya career, Five began expanded to the big screen. He played in the movie WANT MORE in 2008. He becomes the newest major player in the wild GHOSTS SEMANGGI BRIDGE (2009). Unfortunately because of his appearance considered to be too challenging, the movie until now not yet live.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Foto|BiodataTeuku Wisnu "Cinta Fitri" Aktor Ganteng

Teuku Wisnu Wallpaper
Teuku Wisnu with Fans
Teuku Wisnu With Shireen Sungkar
Teuku Wisnu Winning Award Photo

Not the usual thing to bring Teuku Wisnu figure gay. For him, this is a character that is quite controversial section for this character he often plays the straight and kalem-kalem only. And that he felt tingling perform as gay.

Like say when the gala film premiere SMS (MA Suka 'like) Mega Mall in Jakarta, Tuesday (24 / 3), the Vishnu confess tingling. "What, so I was quite tickled," he said while imagine. "And the unclean if continuity," sergah star sinetron CINTA FITRI this.

Portray characters named Vishnu, bloody actors perform in Aceh are considered in the slick bergenre film comedy.

"But if the problem akting I still have much to learn from other artists or a senior," he said merendah. "Because I own a self-taught learning akting, so I need a lot of experience," he added.

As the first film, Vishnu seneng confess despite slightly fell dizzy. "The most I seneng when the process changed so its gay, I like," he said while grimace.

Teuku Wishnu Biography :

Full Name : Teuku Wisnu
Nickname : Teuku Wisnu
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 4 Maret 1985
Father's Name : Teuku Yusar
Mother's Name : Wuwuh A Puri
Religion : Islam
Weight : 68 kg
Height : 178 cm
Zodiak : Pisces
Hobby : Playing football, watching movies

Colour : Black, White
Music : RnB, rock alternative, hip-hop
Film : Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, Taxi 3, Lentera Merah, Angker Batu & Rocky Balboa

* Moestopo University, Jakarta - majoring International Relation

* Frestea
* Fren
* Pop Mie
* Baso Bakar So Good

* Cinta Monyet

1. SCTV Award 2007 category : Aktor Ngetop
2. Finalis MTV VJ Hunt

* Makin Sayang
* Benar Benar Cinta (2006) - with Verlita Evelyn, Nena Rosier, El manik & Eva Anindhita
* Dua Hati
* Culunnya Pacarku
* Hidayah
* Legenda eps Si Manis Jembatan Ancol
* Cinta Fitri as Farel - with Shireen Sungkar, Rizky Hanggono, Mike Lewis, Adly Fairuz, Donita, Randy Pangalila & Metha Yunatria
* Zahira

* Gue Kapok Jatuh Cinta (2005) - with Oka Antara, Dude Harlino
* Lentera Merah (2006) - with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Dimas Beck, Kartika Indah Pelapory, Kartika Indah Pelapory

Foto|Biografi|Biodata Penyanyi Ganteng Vidi Aldiano

Vidi Aldiano Live Concert Photo
Vidi Aldiano Wallpaper
Vidi Aldiano Photo

Biography Vidi Aldiano:

Full Name: Oxavia Aldiano
Nickname: vidi or enough written Vd
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, March 29, 1990
Education: SMU Al-Azhar 1 (AlPus) graduated in 2008
Pelita Harapan University, major Electrical Engineering,
registered?in 2008

Achievements :
-1st Champion in the event 1ncredible Band Festival 2007
-Champion-in Elfa’s Music Studio Try Out
-Best Vocalist in 1incredible Band Festival 2007
-Best Vocalist at the Electric Band Festival 2005
-Top 100 Indonesian Idol 2006
-Favorite Champion JakStuff in 2007, with Suddenly September
-First Champion Alpus Pentasan 2006
-First Champion Pop Singer Al-Azhar Festival
-First Champion Nasyid Al-Azhar Festival

The music that followed:
-Java Jazz 2005
-1ncredible-Band Festival 2007
-National MTQ-2006
-Jakarta Fair 2008
-Jajan Jazz 2008
-Amway ’s Leadership Seminar
-Electric-SMP Al-Azhar Pejaten 2007
-Bali-Fashion Week 2007
-Party-Promo Night at Al-Azhar Pejaten 2008

Vidi like :
-Photography and love all things related image manipulation
-Setup to the computer that is called Computer Freak
-Any case-related gadgets

Fashion Statement by vidi:
Classy messy with favorite clothes output Zara, Top Men, Metrox

Vidi’s idol:
- Craig David. Because Craig David’s singing that even with the fast tempo but still ragtime
- Jason Mraz. Because his song is cool and so groove

Favorite places:
Brewww - Lounge Caf?, Kemang. In addition to be a fun place to hang out with friends, vidi also appear to be regular.

The ritual Before sing :
To the rest room and relaxation.

Earthquake in Padang is a deep sorrow for the singer Aldiano Vidi. Family homes there were destroyed because of the earthquake.

Vidi's bloody singer Padang. many families are still living in the Minang realm. SR 7.6 magnitude earthquake and devastating memporak-family homes.

Fortunately, no Vidi families who became victims. during Lebaran, his family just visited the Capital and has not returned.

"My family is all from Padang. I'm sad, but all survived. Lebaran Thankfully my family was in Jakarta yesterday, has not returned to Padang. So they survived all, just a house there on the damaged and can not be used again," says Vidi encountered in Jl. Wijaya I, No. 381 A, South Jakarta.

Seeing the disaster, pelantung 'Status False' that does not want to stay silent. He wanted to do something useful for the victims. He also has plans to create a fundraiser for the victims.

"In the near future, we'll be there (Padang) with a unity of people of Padang. Although not much help but I'll entertain. My position more entertaining. For I can make them smile aja udah grateful," she said.

Foto|Biodata|Biografi Ricky Harun Pemain Film Seksi

Full Name : Ricky Chilnady Pratama Harun
Nickname : Ricky Harun
Place / Date of birth : Bandung, 12 Januari 1987
Father's Name : Hendra Rahtomo (son of Rachmawati Soekarnoputri)
Mother's Name : Donna Harun
Religion : Islam
Zodiak : Capricorn

Colour : Black

* Inikah Rasanya (2003-2005) - with Alyssa Soebandono, Gilbert Marciano, Nadia Vega, Fedi Nuril
* Pinokio & Peri Biru (2005)
* Penjaga Hati
* Sherina
* Mak Comblang Jatuh Cinta

* Rumah Pondok Indah (2006) - with Asha Shara, Chintami Atmanegara & Indah Pelapory
* Pulau Hantu (2007) as Dante - with Kartika Ayuningtyas, Rini Oktaviani
* Kawin Kontrak (2008) as Jody - with Lukman Sardi, Dimas Aditya, Masayu Anastasia & Mieke Amalia
* Syahadat Cinta (2008) as Irsyad - with Arif Rahman, Imel Putri Cahyati, Cantika Atmenagara, Adhitya Putri, Hengky Kurniawan
* Kawin Kontrak Lagi (2008) - with Lukman Sardi, Cut Mini Theo, Wiwid Gunawan, Thalita Latief and Deby Ayu

Ricky Harun is the son of senior Indonesian model Donna Harun. He's also the grandson of famous Indonesian politician, Rachmawati Soekarno Putri (a sister of former president of Indonesia, Megawati). At first, Ricky didn't want to get involved in Entertainment industry, but her mother, who's entertainer, suggested him to try out, and yes he did. First acting he played was on "Pinokio" TV series, and eventually he got addicted in acting.

In the past, Ricky dated Chelsea Olivia and Sheila Marcia, the daughter of Sophia Latjuba.

Koleksi Foto dan Biografi Christian Sugiono

Christian Sugiono with luxury clothes
Christian Sugiono Desktop Wallpaper
Christian Sugiono Photo

Sugiono Christian or usually called "Tian" was born in Jakarta, February 25, 1981. He is best-known as an actor in a film, Sinetron TV series, and commercial ads (iklan) in Indonesia. He started his career in acting in early 2005 in the film Catatan Akhir Sekolah, Jomblo and many others. In the film Dunia Mereka, Christian Sugiono won Panasonic Award in 2007, and was nominated as the most favorite actor.

Christian Sugiono or Tian / Sugi is a european decent. His mother is German, while his father is javanese, Indonesian. Christian Sugiono is the second son from three siblings. Although he has a european featured face, he has been living in Indonesia for all his life. He went to Charitas primary school (SD) and junior school (SMP), and finished senior high school (SMA) in Pangudi Luhur.

During in high school years, Christian Sugiono was active as the head of High School Organization (OSIS) in SMU Pangudi Luhur, 1998 - 1999. In addition, he had also a band called Foto. Christian can play Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. In 1998, his band occupied the # 2 position in the Indie lapan Prambors. Once he completed the high school, he eventually left his band because he had to go to Germany.

The first career step for Christian was started when he was in High School. In 1997, he had a contract as a cover boy on Hai Magazinein. Then, in the following years, he became a model in the commercial ads and video clips.

From 2000 until 2006, Christian Sugiono lived and studied in Hamburg, Germany, majoring Information Technology at Technische Universität Harburg - Hamburg, but did not finish because he decided to return to Indonesia and became an actor. Outside of being an celebrity, Christian is also doing another job, a web designer. This skill he got it when he was in the college in Germany.

In the beginning of 2006, Christian returned to Jakarta and focusing his career in the entertainment industry. With his handsome european face, he can get the movie role easily. One of the film he played was malaysian production "Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri" which was released in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and India. In this film, Christian played a major role with Titi Kamal.

Foto Seksi Presenter Cut Tari|Biografi|Profil

Cut Tari Sexy Photo and Wallpaper
Cut Tari In Luxury Apartment

Cut Tari, one of the Indonesia Artist FHM Model, is the most sexy mature women i ever seen. She is a Indonesian sexy artist and a television host too. She always take a sexy picture about herself. I called it "sexy photo". Too bad that Cut Tari wasn't wearing a bikini swimsuit when the pictures was taken, nope I just kidding. She is sexy as the way she is.

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, called ordinary of Cut Tari ( born in Jakarta, 1 November 1977; age 31 year) is a presenter and player of sinetron Indonesia. Dance to still has the Aceh blood from its parent. Dance to have profession as presenter and player sinetron in world of entertainment amusement fatherland. Cut Tari the Merried by Johannes is Yusuf Subrata is date of 9 January 2004.


Woman bleed the Acheh – This West Sumatra have carved the moment achievement still in bench SD. He become the champion of Musabaqoh Tilawatil Holy ( MTQ) mount the RW. He have time to learn the piano and organ, is but desisted midway. Stepping on 13 year, chummy woman addressed by this Ully become to fond of the mejeng of in front of camera. Since childhood he is true like made a picture. its Career journey in artist world of early from following election of Wrapper GIRL 1991. From This, he have opportunity to get the adolescent cosmetic product advertisement that is Youth in the year 1993. At the time he age have 16 year.

Koleksi Foto Pribadi Seksi Julia Perez

Julia Perez Foto With Friends

Julia Perez Seksi Wallpaper

Julia Perez In Calender Wallpaper

Julia Perez is sexy and full of sensation, not only in every role in the film, such as when the ghost so sexy in "GHOSTS JAMU Hold" which released back in January, but also in every her action outside the world of entertainment.

As seen in some photos that recently circulating on the Internet mailing list, the owner "Belah Duren" single, looks sexy and relaxed with some friends and while Posing alone.

There are five picture, the images seem to Julia's private collections. This is seen! from the photo when Julia Perez wear blue shirts with white short cardigan.

Julia Perez in the photo is seen taking pictures with the camera itself or the pocket can be a mobile phone. Julia Perez looks so sexy with the chest Clearly visible and the Thigh looks a little bit at the bottom of the image.

At other story nà Julia Perez comfortable and feel less confident with the size of her breast considered large enough. This condition was feel when he began to go Adolescents. "high school class when I was trying to hide my penis. That spelled Macho," said Julia Perez at Planet Hollywood

However, it's all past. Now he! r will to decrease the size of her breast is gone from her mind. Julia Perez is grateful that it has given the excess. "Now I Realize that I must accept God's love for me. So this is me," he said.

With all the advantages it held, did not want to confess Julia Perez labeled as the actress who simply sell elegance body. "I can prove that I can act. The prove is, I act at Kembang Setaman movie in which a lot of good. All I do in accordance with her part. Despite only playing for one scen! E, will try to play with the total, "said Julia Perez proud.
Breast Toket PerezFoto Julia Julia Julia Perez PerezToket Plump

Ungu Buat Soundtrack Film "Sang Mimpi"

Ungu Band The Soundtrack Creation

Fill the soundtrack may not be new for the band Ungu. But the song people and re-arranges the Purple version is a challenge. Especially the song that brought Mad Love Purple created a leading novelist Andrea Hirata.

The song will be used as the soundtrack for the film THE DREAMERS film claim that Miles is a sequel to the film that has Postdoctoral pan just fantastic success. Departure from this Purple not want to play games. In fact, for the song Love Crazy, Purple to create two versions.

The film "The Dream" by Riri Riza will circulate from December 17, 2009. Details of where and Cinema city anywhere that will begin play in the film "Sang Mimpi" dated December 17, 2009 This will be uploaded on this Facebook fan page on this November.

The Production Schedule of "Sang Mimpi" Film:

1 JULY - 6 AUGUST 2009: Shooting IN BELITUNG


8 - 9 August 2009: BREAK / REST


11 to 20 AUGUST 2009: Shooting BOGOR - JAKARTA - DEPOK

21 AUGUST 2009: WRAP