Friday, July 24, 2009

Gosip Lagu D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Plagiat Dari Muse

Again D'Masiv conduct alleged plagiarism. This time the song 'Do not give up' songs cheat allegedly owned by Muse, Falling Away With You. Dmasiv also recognize that they are very inspired by the muse band group, so do not wonder if they feel the paper is very similar to their idol group band.
This is a little biography of Dmasiv:

D’Masiv is a group music from Indonesia which is born in Jakarta. D’Masiv was formed on March 3, 2003. Members amounted to 5 persons namely Rian Ekky Pradipta (vocal), Dwiki Aditya Marsall (guitar), Nurul Damar Ramadan (guitar), Rayyi Kurniawan Iskandar DinataWahyu Piadji (bass), and (drums).

Menuju Nirwana was the first album. D’Masiv also successfully won the A Mild Live Wanted. End June 2008, d’Masiv fans club formed to unify their fans, they called Masiver.

As a comparison, try to note carefully the second video below:

D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Video:

Muse-Falling Away With You Video:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Foto Wajah Pelaku Bom JW Marriott-The Ritz Carlton

Police have to ensure that bomb at the hotel JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton is a suicide bombing. The suicide bombing that killed ascertained. Now, the image of the suspected perpetrators of suicide bombing outstanding knowledgeable.

"Two of suicide bombing killed," said Pol Kapolri General Bambang Hendarso Danuri to journalists, Friday (17/7/2009).

Body of the second suicide bombing that destroyed dissolved. His head from his body apart. The head of the Ritz Carlton Hotel is broken, because the coconut shell head exfoliate. The face of bombs killed at Ritz Carlton is rather difficult to identify.

Meanwhile, the discount that is found in the Marriott Hotel is still intact. Images of the snippet that is found in the Marriott this is suspected of circulating via email and Blackberry Messenger. From the image, the face of the alleged perpetrator is very easy to recognize. What is a snippet of the photo is the bomb, not yet known. Police also have not launched.

Until now, police have not said clearly the identity of the second suicide bombing. However, already mentions head of Indonesian Police Department in initial N.

Detikcom information obtained, one of the actors called Nurdin Aziz. He is the Marriott hotel room in 1808. But who Nurdin Aziz and groups from which he, not clear.

Rekaman Video Ledakan BOM JW Marriott-Ritz Carlton

Foto Ledakan BOM JW Marriott-Ritz Carlton

Explosion of the JW Marriott Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (18 / 7) morning, seize the attention of residents and employees who have in the international area.

Residents and employees huddle in some centralized point, which is about JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta and Building XL. Not only watching, they also record the remains of debris in the location of the incident.

Currently, the combination of hundreds Polsek Setiabudi, South Jakarta police station, and Polda Metro Jaya derived in order to secure the area around the location. They also manage the smooth traffic on the road to Professor Doctor Satrio. Bottleneck come one's way to hundreds meters from the location of the incident.

However, along with the security of the location of the incident in hard and fast. Security officers have begun to ask citizens to leave the location of the incident.

Breaking News:

Victims of bomb explosion Hotel Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, have begun filtering in Hospital Jakarta, Jenderal Sudirman street Jakarta.

Officer Installation Emergency Hospital Jakarta Safrudin, said at least 10 victims have been to was the hospital. "They were in the severe injury condition, are injured, and lightly injured," he said via telephone, Friday 17 July 2009.

Up to now are still the victims came to the hospital. At least two people died in the incident stated that.

Two bombs exploded almost simultaneously in the two hotels in the adjacent far and away. Explode Bomb at 07.40 at Hotel JW Marriott, and Ritz Carlton Hotel in bomb exploded at 07.42.

Video Ledakan BOM JW Marriott-Ritz Carlton

SBY Jadi Sasaran Tembak Teroris

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), said at this time a lot of intelligence operations conducted by one group, and has a particular purpose, namely terrorism measures.

"There are intelligence operations after the presidential election yesterday. In fact, the face I made when they shoot at the target practice to shoot," said SBY time to give a description of the press at the State Palace, Friday (17/7/2009).

SBY had stopped a moment and ask to speak to adjuvant evidence to draw a picture of the shooting gallery is a terrorist.

"This is not slander and not the issue. This fact and the evidence I have pictures and video recordings," the firm SBY showed two images.

SBY get it going, if the outstanding issues during this revolution will occur if a large-scale re-appointed himself as president.

"There will be a movement KPU occupied by force and against the law. SBY Those can not be constituted," SBY say.

Nevertheless, SBY does not mention the name of whom are leaders. SBY only request to all the good police officer and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) increase terrorism security measures that do not recur again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Group Band D'Masiv Luncurkan Mini Album

Group Band D'Masiv Wallpaper

Group D'masiv band released a mini album containing two songs titled 'Mohon Ampun Aku' dan Jangan Menyerah'.

Vocalist D'masiv Rian tell this mini album creation process is very short. "Two songs in this album fit the theme for the month of Ramadhan," he said in the Club 01 FX Senayan, Wednesday (15/7/2009).

Rian told, the two songs that packed in compact disc album is not a religion. "This is not a religious album. But special edition," he said.

Please pardon while the songs that I have in the nuances of this album relgi. According to Rian, this song just want to invite you not only to the type of opponent and fellow human beings, but also loves the Lord.

"Especially once we make a conscious one, and we want these songs not only be heard at any time during fasting month. Given that God is not only in the fasting month, but may at any time," Rian said.

Meanwhile, a new album still in the process production and new will be launched in November to come.

"If we wait a new album will be out in November," said Rian.

Yuni Shara dan Raffi Ahmad Nikah Siri??

Yuni Shara and Raffi Achmad tell in the series has been married three days ago. Are they married after returning from Raffi Umroh worship?

"That's not true at all. And that's also just gossip. I even want to ask, from where you can have news?" Yuni argue with the startled expression of the face.

Krisdayanti older brother says, Raffi Umroh go is to worship and not because of other things.

Polecat in the way that the dress style of the young, Yuni confess the only style that boy friend younger age.

"At the beginning of my marriage with a bang Hendri older, so I adjust it. Now it is already out, so I follow it," he said on the sidelines of the event Playlist Penta Studio in Kebon Jeruk, tuesday (7/14/2009) .

Yuni come together with her sister Krisdayanti. He appears in a black shirt and jeans shorts, with a little style stylist

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kemben Melorot Julia Perez Incidence

Kemben Melorot Julia Perez Incidence Photo

Shameful incidents befall Jupe (Julia Perez Famous named). Lace dress, which should sustain Topless suddenly dropped out while engrossed asyiknya rock sing-song split Duren. But the show must go on. On the basis of professionalism, Jupe still singing in front of hundreds of spectators in a hotel in central Jakarta, set Friday.

The incidence escape strap dress is only five days with back to-29 year, julia perez birthday namely July 15 plan to celebrate the upcoming Jupe (her popular named called) birthday in Bali Island on the size of the family. And in the event, Jupe will be introduced with the man her mother's choice. "He would introduce the birthday Wooow Like Siti Nurbaya story," Julia Perez he said.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress

A little Biography of Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress:

Full Name:
Song Hye-kyo (Song Hye-gyo, Song Hae-kyo)
Hakkyo (means school in Korean)
South Korea, November 22, 1981 but registered on February 26, 1982
Roman Catholic
Sook-Myung Women's Junior High School, Eun-Kwang Women's High School, Se-Jong University (no longer attends)
Shopping, movies, music, stitching-knitting and perfumes collecting,Swimming, figure skating, piano, knitting
Childhood Dream:
Fashion designer
Favorite Actors:
Park Shin Yang, Han Suk Gyu, Shim Eun Ha, Kim Hee Sun, Leonardo Dicaprio, Josh Hartnet
Favorite Food:
Korean, especially Boodaejjigae Favorite
White and other nice clean colors
What she likes to do when she's not filming/working:
Spend time with friends, watch movies, and shopping
Happy Memory:
Smart Model debut and winning a Daesang award
Sad Memory:
When her puppy got into a traffic accident, she cried a lot
How she releases stress:
Music sets her free..she goes to norabang (karaoke) and screams/sings loudly
Ideal type of man:
Someone who gives her a lot of confidence (who believes in her) and able to conversate with each other well
Her most memorable dramas:
'Autumn Tale' (2000) and 'Full House' (2004)
In stressful situations, she thinks of her mother who gives her strengt

# Worlds Within (KBS2 2008)
# Full House(KBS, 2004)
# Sunlight Pours Down (SBS, 2004)
# All In (SBS, 2003)
# Guardian Angel (SBS, 2001)
# Hotelier (MBC, 2001)
# Autumn Tale/ Endless Love (KBS, 2000)
# Soon Poong Clinic ( (SBS, 1999)
# Sweet Bride (SBS, 1999)
# What Do You Think of Me (SBS, 1998)
# White Nights 3.98 (SBS, 1998)
# Deadly Eyes (SBS, 1998)
# Parade (SBS, 1998)
# One of a Pair (aka Partner), (SBS, 1998)
# Six Siblings (MBC, 1998)
# First Love (KBS, 1996)
# Happy Morning (KBS, 1996)

* Fetish (2008)
* Hwang Jin Yi (2007)
* My Girl and I (?????) ( (Sidus, 2005)

* 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple (with Hyeon Bin Won)
* 2007 6th KOREA FILM AWARDS : New Best Actress ??? (???) for "Hwang Jin Yi"
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Full House
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple (with Bi)
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
* 2003 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress for All In
* 2003 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Memorable Actors
* 2001 CE TV Awards: Asia Teens-Entertainer World Song Awards and Best Korean Star
* 2001 37th Baeksang Art Awards: Popularity Award for TV part
* 2001 Gold Song Awards (Hong Kong): Top Korean Star
* 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic Award for Autumn Tale
* 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress Award for Autumn Tale
* 1998 SBS TV Awards: Best Newcomer Award for Soon Poong Clinic
* 1996 (MTM) Model Talent Management Contest: First Prize

Song Hye Kyo Photo Collection:

Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress
Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress
Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress
Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress
Song Hye Kyo Beauty Korean Actress


This photos or images is a Indonesian Celebrities Face without using a make up, looks very different when they use make up.

Luna Maya Shes a model, presenter and a singer

Sandra Dewi shes a actress and also presenter

Agnes Monica young talent singer

Dedy Corbouzier he a mentalist

Andien shes a singer

Acha Septriasa shes a actrees and a singer

Dewi Persik a dangdut singer also actress

Gita gutawa a young singer

Kinaryosih a model

Krisdayanti a singer

Masayu Anastasya sehes a actress

Maya Estianty, singer and music director

Mulan jameela, singer

Sheila Marcia, Presenter,actress and also a singer

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Angelina Sondakh Politisi Wanita Terseksi Indonesia

Indonesian beauty woman gets world recognition. Evident with the inclusion of the name Angelina Sondakh as one of the most sexy women politicians in the world. Member House of Representatives (DPR) this was ranked 19, based on the results of polls (poll) online sites that are held online Spanish daily 20 minutos.

Online surveys that began in December 2008. 20 minutos memajang site photos of women politicians from around the world. Readers then choose which they beauties. Each comment and include the reason for the choice. From there, 65 candidates opted with the most votes.
Data last, dated 19 April, showed that women named Patricia Pingkan complete Angelina Sondakh it was ranked 19. Adjie Massaid wife was getting 40,576 votes.

In the list, Angie, who 2001 Putri Indonesia, is competing with Mara Carfagna, Italian member of parliament, which had become a topless model. Carfagna, who will act as the mother country assisting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi at the G8 meeting in L'Aquila this weekend, sitting in position 3.

Other famous name is Alina Kabaeva that sits nicely in the position to-5. He is a former athlete exercises and Russia had become a women's savings digosipkan Vladimir Putin. Women 25 years has become one of the members of Russian parliament.

Surprising that readers of a daily 20 minutos apparently chose Yuri Fujikawa, a local member of parliament in Japan, as politicians tercantik world. Women 28 years of work to get 146,364 votes.

Fujikawa in Japan are very famous. He is considered 'too beautiful to be a politician'. Log In parliament since April 2007, Fujikawa had a jar of Hachinohe City as photo albums released in the form of a DVD. There he berfoto bikini in the dressing section.

Meanwhile, the second ranking member of the House of Representatives occupied Peru Luciana Leon. Represent Peru Aprista Party, Leon sat in parliament in 2006 - 2011. Together with his father, Romulo Leon, this beautiful woman suspected of bribe-related cases involved oil exploration in the Amazon forest by some foreign oil companies.

Pemilihnya praise a woman 30 years as the 'beauty of woman'. While others considered as the 'eighth wonder of the world to'. Polling is not only ask young politicians-politicians with a background model. But also the seasoned politicians and world famous as Hillary Clinton. Secretary of State and the former mother country is sitting in the U.S. to the ranking of the 48-voice revenue 23,123. He is also the oldest candidate in the age of 61 years.

In addition, the incoming President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, 56. Former mother country is also seasoned politicians. In the list of 20 minutos, Kirchner sat in the ranking of 33 and obtained 27,838 votes.

At below the famous people. Sarah palin is He who is in position 34 is selected and 27,631 votes. Women 44 years old this new step down as governor of the U.S. state of Alaska. But palin melejit time candidate to become vice president of the Republic of assisting Party John McCain on the U.S. presidential election in 2008.

Besides Angelina Sondakh and Yuri Fujikawa, Asia is also represented by Jiang Yu, 44, a member of China's parliament. And Malalay Joya, 31, from Afghanistan.

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh with husband Adjie Massaid

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh Indonesian beauty women politicians

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh in 2001 Puteri Indonesia

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cynthia Bella, Chico Jerico Pacaran

Already four months this star sinetron 'Cinta Bunga' Chico Jerico status as a beloved Laudya Cynthia Bella. girls with Bella known lovers often change, ready to confess Chico attacked gossip.

"If in Gossips, I just relaxed. I am easy going aja," said Chico found time in between the celebration back to the year-25 in Hanggar, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Friday (3/7/2009).

For Chico, the past is not something that Bella deems important. In a relationship with the opponents play in sinetron that he tried to apply any sense of mutual trust.

Bulge in the age Friday (3/7/2009), the Chico would be pleased with the presence of Bella in her life. Although the lovers had left Umroh worship, because he was right in the happy birthday, Bella arrived in the country.

"Maybe tonight Bella come," said Chico when asked if Bella will not come in the party's birthday.

Will Bella have also give a gift? "certainly have a gift, also a special name, I need to be out," he said while smiling.

Cynthia Bella, Chico Jerico PacaranFoto Cynthia Bella dan Chico Jerico

Berita Ananda Mikola dan Marcella Menikah??

After the same free from prison, Ananda Mikola and Marcella Zalianty Umroh with planning. Gossip Umroh than it, they will also be married. When Ananda oppugn confirmed. So where married?

"No consent is granted, in Mecca," said Ananda found time to celebrate after free from prison in the area and Sentul(the big circuit racing in Indonesia, West Java, Friday (3/7/2009).

Ananda be confirmed, until now, both himself and Marcella had never discussed the marriage. Although his father, Tinton Soeprapto already gave the blessing, Ananda is not a matter open would specials relationship with Marcella.

"What I want to marry me not my father. I can not reveal the problem," he said.

Simply flashback, the gossip love affair between Ananda and Marcella blow when both were involved with the case Agung Setyawan. In one hearing the case, Ananda was admitted Marcella as girlfriend.

Ananda Mikola dan Marcella

Bella Saphira Selingkuhan Ferry Irawan Benarkah??

Whether what is in the mind Ferry Irawan. To his wife, Novi, Ferry that has fork with the artist Bella Saphira. Heard of Ferry, Bella was not received.

"Ferry has been the love Bella Saphira. At that time they have FTV production. The night was also my phone to confirm Bella Bella and angry once. Bella says to the Ferry, I do not want involved in this issue" said Novi in her home in the Kemang Utara street, south Jakarta, friday tonight(7/3/2009).

Novi found with her mother, Maria Angelina Manincap, before adding that Ferry has fork with Bella, a former girlfriend Cici Paramida that divorced. "I'm surprised themselves when calling Ferry only to have separated by reason fork because he was already with another woman," augment him.

Not only surprised, according to his mother, novi, Novi sadarkan also not up to them. "Ferry to call Novi that he has been sleeping with another woman and Novi menalak by phone. Novi unconscious at that time," said Maria.

All events that take place in January 2009 ago. See the behavior of her husband, Novi not hesitate to break from the Ferry

Bella Saphira photo
Ferry Irawan photo

The Virgin Terkenal Karena Gosip Lesbian

Although often be debated, the duo Virgin still only been used as the lesbian couples. Gossip that still breathe the virgin would make the duo, and Dara Mita happy. They feel benefit.

"The more people ask for is that we also benefit," said Mita when found in a studio in the area Ciracas, East Jakarta, Friday (3/7/2009).

Mita and Dara the virgin, is now the middle peak in popularity. Their songs are 'Cinta Terlarang' is playing in demand everywhere.

The song also appears to make that, it's music lovers on the Virgin. The song seems justify lesbian rumor between Dara and Mita circulating. The Virgin said what?

"Not a problem because every person has a different brain, I have thought different. Forbidden love is universal," answered Mita.

Mita and Dara the Virgin Photos...

foto The Virgin
The Virgin Wallpaper

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foto & Profil Presenter,Penyiar Cantik Metro TV

1. Githa is Nafeeza Foto & Profil:

Githa is Nafeeza Presenter & Host Talkshows Metro TV that currently carries the Public Corner, The Interview and Special Dialogue.

Githa Nafeeza born in Bogor on 19 October 1980, and has Githa Asterita original name, the name taken from Nafeeza in Ghania Nafeeza daughter's name. He Priangan in elementary school, junior SIIP, and SMA 5 Bandung and complete its S1 level in the International Relations department Parahiyangan University, Bandung. And is currently continuing education in the Executive Masters in Business Management, Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta.

He chose a field of serious because according to him in the broadcast soul. Career in travel quite a lot of challenges that must be faced. But according to him all the challenges thus be triggered to prove that he was able to overcome all the problems that exist. Abstinence attitudes surrender of all the challenges that faces reflected in the motto of his life which is "Never give up to any condition ... live to the fullest."

He started to plunge the world broadcast in 2001 when a radio announcer on Ardan, Bandung, until the year 2003. Then he continue his broadcasting career in MQTV in the period 2004-2005 as a Presenter. New in 2006 he entered to the national TV station Trans TV. Trans TV station in the experience he felt that the extraordinary should be a roving reporter to cover India's unique on earth archipelago. In addition to a reporter, he also carries some news programs on TV stations are.

Began in February 2008 he moved to the first station-specific news in the Metro TV. In Metro TV presenter he was a few events such as Talk Show Public Corner, The Interview and Special Dialogue. In addition, he also became a reporter-specific events in Metro TV as We Do Green Concert. Then he was also present special programs sport news that Metro Golf Monthly Golf.

Long before people recognized as news presenter Githa never diligent modeling world. It was started when he was selected to be one of the finalists face Femina in 2001. Then he worked as a professional model in the magazine group Femina Health promoter contest. In addition to becoming a finalist Femina Face, Githa also a champion 2 Ramli Model Indonesia (West Java) in 2004. Then he also became the runner up Putri Indonesia West Java provincial level in the same year.

Githa Achievements include:

Femina face 2001 finalist
Juara 2 Putri Indonesia (West Java) 2004
Juara Favorite Putri Indonesia (West Java) 2004
Juara 2 Ramli Model Indonesia (West Java) 2004

2. Lucia Saharui Profile & Photo:

This sweet girl to work as before and have a marketing dream to become a cantor. However, fate took him to a world that will toss his name. Yup, the Broadcast.

Lucia Saharui women originating from Ternate, Maluku this graduate of the University of Indonesia with with the title Engineering. After spending 4 years to work in a cement factory, began in the Career TV RCTI. Join with Metro TV in July 2006, Lucia is now as reliable anchor 'Metro Night' and 'Headline News'.

3. Fessy Alwi Photo & Profile:

Fessy Alwi is Newspresenter from MetroTV that appear on the regular program and your votes Metro Siang. Previous Fessy is News presenter in antv, in antv Fessy all Events held regular news topic from the Morning, Afternoon Topic, Topic, evening, night and until the topic also carries the dialogue We Topics.

Women's smile is a cheap start to joining Metro TV in October 2008 and the early appear is on Headline News at 19:00 as a Reporter who covered the place of the attorney general on 31 October 2008 ago as the early show with the present program News presenter News Flash.

Fessy Alwi was born in Malang on July 18, 1980 with the full name Fessy Farizqoh Alwi Assegaf. In elementary school Menanggal 601 Surabaya, SMP 1 Surabaya, Surabaya and SMU 9. He finished in the S1 level of the Faculty of Law University of Airlangga, Surabaya. Then S2 is completed at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Fessy now and have been married with Taufik Basari, a lawyer, human rights activist, and founder of Legal Aid Society.

Fessy Alwi launch a career as a journalist in 2003. As a journalist he certainly has a lot of experience, with a begitupun Alwi Fessy, one of experience as a journalist is a journalist when the Presidential Palace and the President to join South Korea, during the period he worked in South Korea Fessy perform journalistic tasks all their own, must Fessy bring your own camera and tripod, and take pictures and send them to Indonesia at the time that is almost the same time. The task of a journalist can not be separated from the interview, and has many Fessy interview someone and among a number of interviews that have been made, the experience is not forgotten when interviewed President SBY on antv a special program entitled "Drink Tea Joint President SBY." "In over my young, I have interviewed a number of people in Indonesia," said Fessy, "Meanwhile, one of the experiences that do not forgotten and can learn a lot is when the President took to South Korea,"

4. Kania Sutisnawinata Photo & Profile.

Kania Sutisnawinata is one of the primetime news anchor of Metro TV, such as' Metro Today 'and' Top Nine News'. Previous joint Dalton Tanonaka, he carries the program 'India Now'. Television Careers Kania started from SCTV in Jakarta.

Kania is the daughter of the couple Djunaedi Sutisnawinata and Kanariah. Kania is the second child of two brothers, sister named Kamelia Sutisnawinata. Kania father was a diplomat and had been the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the period 1992-1995 Mexico. Born in Jakarta on 16 July 1975, Kania had spent little time in various countries, including Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United States, and Mexico.

Foto,Profil Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter

Presenter Magdalena (24) was selected as most sexy women in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in a world-class, he became the third woman rseksi after movie stars Transformers, Megan Fox, Kelley and Hazel, the English origin. Election is announced by the magazine For Him Magazine (FHM) Indonesia in August 2008 edition. Years ago, most women's section of the third version of a special magazine that was given to adult actress Luna Maya (25).

By doing so, Magdalena can be proud to enter into a range 100 Sexiest Woman in the World FHM magazine readers choice in the world. In fact, it ranks third. Selection is based on surveys of readers of the magazine. How, magazine FHM Indonesia send images to a number of models Headquarters FHM in the United States.

"It's fun to see the response of readers so extraordinary. But I want to be valued at the same time," said Magdalena in a more happy when I talk with Lena Warta Kota Building cafeteria at Bank Mega-TransTV, Mampangprapatan, South Jakarta, Thursday (9 / 4) afternoon. Lena does not suspect, pose seksinya the image by in FHM magazine in 2007, Indonesia is among the dozens of women's section of the world. However, he himself does not exactly feel sexy. "Menurutku, Luna Maya is the section," said Lena who is currently waiting for the film schedule syuting both, Si Jago Merah.

According to Lena, the image is in the FHM Indonesia was taken in April 2007. When Lena was willing to appear in the image because a model with two other women. He would like the photos with the magazine is classified into a world-class mass media. After the photo, Lena does not receive the bid session shooting again, both for FHM magazine and other adult men. Some months later after the shooting, a former presenter "There Gossip" is selected as the women to the 72-most section of the world.

This is the cute,beautiful and sexy Lena Magdalena Photo.

Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter
Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter
Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter
Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter
Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter

Foto|Profil Tina Talisa TVone Presenter

Deliberately takes the title like that because I note the keyword search on the site, especially in the google search engine was also searching for the keyword "Tina talisa, profile tina talisa, tina talisa photos, etc.." Maybe I am is one of the Tina Talisa Fans,heee... Tina fluke and this is also my favorite presenter at the event on TVOne "apa kabar indonesia" nights or other events that show tina talisa.

This is a bit under the following profiles and photos tina talisa:

Full Name: Tina Talisa
Nickname: Tina Talisa
Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, 24 December 1979
Last Education: Faculty of Dentistry University of Padjajaran, Bandung

Tina Talisa Presenter Cantik Birth Bandung, 24 December 1979 was a presenter, carrying indonesia event. Before a tv presenter tina talisa been a profession as a dentist. He was smart in the singing. Is that a presenter is a beautiful place finalist from the beauty that is Puteri Indonesia 2003, the winner of Mojang in West Jawa in 2003, and I Mojang Champion in 2002 in Bandung. Tina how to finally leave the job as a dentist to become TV presenter? Interest that arose when he worked in Radio and Radio Mustika Paramuda. Then Tina is often present at the event Reportase Sore, Program in Trans TV news, and he moved to Lativi (before changes to TV One) in June 2007 and now has changed its name to TVOne.
Tina Talisa is a daughter of the Minister of PPN / Head of Bappenas, Paskah Suzetta.

If you want to see the beautiful and cute tv presenter, this the photos of Tina Talisa.

Tina Talisa TVone Presenter
Tina Talisa TVone Presenter
Tina Talisa TVone Presenter