Friday, July 25, 2008


Chelsea Olivia Wijaya (born in Bandar Lampung, 29 July 1992; age 16 years) is an Indonesian actress. Chelsea is the youngest child of three brothers.

First model of the world and had to make an album for children. Once incorporated into Indika entertainment him get roles in Sinetron Matahariku. Start the public since the ring star sinetron. After that bid, and ad sinetron play came to him. The name is spoken after the star of controversy Sinetron, Buku Harian Nayla.

In addition to playing sinetron, Chelsea who are Protestant are busy singing with the BBB (Not Ordinary Stars) of the young pesinetron like: Laudya Chintya Bella, Raffi Ahmad, Dimas Beck Ayushita and under the guidance of the creator of the song and singer Jimmy Bondoc. BBB group also planned to fill akan Soundtrack wide screen film titled No Ordinary Stars are.


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