Friday, July 25, 2008

Foto Ciuman Nadia Saphira

Beautiful artist Nadia Saphira confess heavy stress. His time has not been himself this was a result of outpatient tonsillectomy and tifus the dideritanya.

"What I stress, infotainment house were from morning to night. In fact, if viewed more closely, from the nose, jaw, lips and hair color is reddish very different," said Nadia, when contacted via phone on Wednesday (27 / 2) night .

"Try deh-use logic and analysis. It was not like my photo. Do this now because I have not made the news gossip? I mean I'm not the same journalist had. I run out of hospitals, outpatient more now, should bedrest. I I think out why I made the target of gossip, "added the film COKLAT this strawberry.

Nadia has been admitted to see the image since it six months ago. And wonder why he is now a new dipermasalahkan. In this year, Nadia has three times to Bali for syuting film UNDER THE TREE with director Garin Nugroho.

"And my hair be also be painted black bangs because my role as a Japanese girl. Nggak my hair may be red, because I do not like red hair. And all the people who do not have to believe that if my photo," he said.

Foto Ciuman Nadia Saphira

Foto Nadia Saphira

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