Friday, July 25, 2008


Name Gisel began rebound when the event Indonesian Idol, in 2008 as the representative of Surabaya.

Talent singing Giselle owners full name of Anastasia was when he was 3 years old. He was able to sing with just the right tone with the view of television.

Since that time, the birth of singer Surabaya, 16 November 1990 diligently follow this race to sharpen a variety of quality vokalnya. Conditions of families that are not derived from the family are, Gisel initiative to help create their families.

Together the father beraktraksi a joker, he sang at various events, including event and wedding anniversary.

After a successful runner-up place in the Indian Idol 2008, the more manggung bid received by Gisel.

In private life, close to the personnel Gisel Club eighties, desta. Currently, they both claim to match each other so decided to go with.

This is maybe the next indonesia idol Gisella Anastasia (Gisel).

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