Tuesday, May 12, 2009


News proximity Pasha 'ungu' and Alyssa Soebandono return heat. Section, while the ungu band concert in Central Sarbini Pasha suddenly fell from the stage and audience to the bench there is Alyssa Alyssa ago to give posy of white roses to the three children of Mr. Pasha then kissed the left cheek and right cheek to Alyssa. However sinetron or (small film duration) Stars Alisa confess that the smell outside Pasha scenario. "If the matter is of interest that is given to the committee for the ungu band. If it is indeed a matter of spontaneous kiss. Icha actually not know at all. I just want more, "he said. The young beauty girl who called Icha confess this is not like that different gossip. "If indeed there are no right (near the Pasha). I will say No!!. But just gossip, "he explained. The Ungu band concert at the former appear to be present Pasha wife, Agustina Okie.

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