Friday, July 24, 2009

Gosip Lagu D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Plagiat Dari Muse

Again D'Masiv conduct alleged plagiarism. This time the song 'Do not give up' songs cheat allegedly owned by Muse, Falling Away With You. Dmasiv also recognize that they are very inspired by the muse band group, so do not wonder if they feel the paper is very similar to their idol group band.
This is a little biography of Dmasiv:

D’Masiv is a group music from Indonesia which is born in Jakarta. D’Masiv was formed on March 3, 2003. Members amounted to 5 persons namely Rian Ekky Pradipta (vocal), Dwiki Aditya Marsall (guitar), Nurul Damar Ramadan (guitar), Rayyi Kurniawan Iskandar DinataWahyu Piadji (bass), and (drums).

Menuju Nirwana was the first album. D’Masiv also successfully won the A Mild Live Wanted. End June 2008, d’Masiv fans club formed to unify their fans, they called Masiver.

As a comparison, try to note carefully the second video below:

D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Video:

Muse-Falling Away With You Video:

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