Friday, July 25, 2008


Gracia Indria of the Sulistyaningrum Main Point or that more was known by the name of Gracia Indri (was born in Jakarta, on January 14 1990; the age 18 years) was the Indonesian actor. Indri headed the career in the world of role art since the age 10 years through the Standard film of Millennium Humankind. He was known as Jessica's antagonist's noose in the Fairy's film 2 & 3. Indri starred in many films and often mandapat roles of the antagonist. His brother of Gisela Cindy also followed his tracks as pesinetron.


  • Tuyul Dan Mbak Yul
  • Panji Manusia Millennium
  • Bidadari 2
  • Bunga Diujung Matahari
  • Bidadari 3
  • Jinny Lagi Jinny Lagi
  • Untung Ada Jinny
  • Jalan Jaksa
  • Senyuman Ananda
  • Turun Ranjang
  • Penjaga Hati
  • Peri Sok Gaul
  • JanjiMu Seperti Fajar
  • Kakak Iparku 17 Tahun
  • Cinta Semanis Coklat
  • Bembi
  • Cinta Fitri
  • Legenda
  • Romantika Remaja

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