Friday, July 25, 2008


Andriani Marshan or marshanda or call akrabnya caca artist is the birth of Jakarta, 10 August 1989 was a player sinetron, model, ad stars, performers, and presenters Indonesia .. I would like to travel marshanda career, prepare coffee, food.

Like no other artist, caca memulia keartisannya right - right from the bottom or can be spelled out since it started is still small. First-born child of three brothers Joseph and Irwan pair Riyanti Sofyan (Marshanda is the manager now) memulali his career since he sat in the seat 1 SD. Accidentally when menami aunt of the famous model, to the bureau Chitya Rustam ad accidentally caca ditawari to participate in casting, and the result is caca become stars ad terpiih Bank Danamon. Further bid for the bid is to continue to come in among caca, Filma, Cadbury eclairs, Supermi Ayam Bawang, Es MONY, and many more ..

His career is not just posing in front of the camera, there are other talents caca singing. Artists who mengidolakan Chritina Aguilera, Britney Spears and M2M is like a once sang in the end get kesempat met with Bob Papa T a creator of children's songs - the famous children, so that made it a song for marshanda hits with its single "Hang Cita Cita" Papa Creation Q Previously Bob Age 10 Years With Television Ads With Milk Bender aunt Chintya Kusuma.

His career also still exist to some teenagers who sinetronnya popular at that time diantaranyay Bidadari, Bidadari 2, Housemates eye heart, sad story on the day of week and many other.

In private life has been caca love with baim wong, artists who play with himself a sinetron Ramadhan is entitled "soleha", but the relationship is the ground because of the way that the third person of their relationship. Not long after menjomblo caca also find the heart that is a VJ, or better known by the name of VJ ben.


Full Name: Adriana Marshanda
Nickname: Marshanda
TTL: Jakarta, 10 August 1989
Name of father: Joseph Irwan
Mother's Name: Riyanti Sofyan
Children to: 1 of 3 brothers
Zodiac: Leo
Last education: elementary Tugaskus Islam, SMPN 216, SMA Labschool, Kebayoran, Jakarta
Favorite Singer: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, M2M
Favorite movie player: Dude Herlino


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