Friday, July 25, 2008


Shireen Sungkar this artist as well as vocalist was born in Jakarta, 28 January 1992. Shireen Sungkar is the second child of three brothers.
Shireen calls akrabnya is a child of the second pair Mark Sungkar and Fenny Bauty. Shireen initiated his career through Semifinalis Girls Sampul 2006, shireen start from there to the world reaching akting. Sinetron shireen is the first of the artist as sinetron not support myself in the wong diperankan by baim and ririn dwiaryanti. His career began to rise since moving to shireen MD Entertainment and placed as the main role in the sinetron CINTA FITRI .. CINTA FITRI's career shireen Sungkar increased, also increased tawarang akting sinetron shireen other place as the main role of Annisa. Shireen also issued the album along with a sister named "The Sister"


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