Friday, July 25, 2008


Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta on 4 January 1989. Julie career, so called normal, starting from the image model and then crawl to the big screen movie. As a photo model, Julie's' terheboh 'is now appearing in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine. The emergence of the magazine that has a market of adults, up to now invite controversial.

One of them, Julie must participate in trail and follow up review of a socio-religious organization. Meanwhile, as a film star, MTV VJ uterus sister, Cathy Sharon, the film star has been with the Alexandria Fachri Albar and Marcel Chandrawinata and the newest film, a horror film director Rizal referrals Matovani, Kuntilanak.

Julie is their own children Hilda and Gasnier Thierry Limbara, bloody pair French-China and Manado. Women who enter nominations Most Favorite Rising Star MTV Alexandria through the film, now the middle of a relationship with the national Seoprapto Moreno, who is also younger brother of Ananda Mikola.


* Alexandria
* Dealova
* Kuntilanak.

Julie Estelle

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