Friday, July 25, 2008

Profil MULAN JAMEELA Seksi Cantik

In addition to the artist, Mulan Jameela have side-the other side as a mother. He has a way to juxtapose themselves to their children through cooking.
As a woman, it also has a comment on himself, which is always associated with the tempest households Maia-Dhani.
At the beginning of this year's Mulan Jameela (30), or formerly Mulan Kwok, bertransformasi. With the "new face", Mulan want to reinforce existence as a soloist, as well as erase shadow Mulan as complementary duo Ratu with Maia Estianty.
In terms of appearance, the first Mulan berbusana harajuku style in the Queen, now the Middle East style. From make-up, Mulan confess didandani more mature. Changes in image and character, said Mulan, is the result of cooperation with management, led Rupublik Cinta Ahmad Dhani.


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