Friday, July 25, 2008


Marsha Timothy, artist born in Jakarta, 8 January 1979, is a sinetron player, movie player, and the model of Indonesia. One of my favorite artists this may be because his face is beautiful and different from the other main nih cewe cantik deh .. read more aja ngeliat travel to a career timoty Marsha ..

Debute start in film with Ekspedisi Madewa Tora Sudiro name Marsha timoty start khayalak recognized by the public, in addition to film artists who are often called caca is also playing in some of these sinetron "TV Serial Singles, lovers, love libretto, couch grass green, when in love can not be understood. "

In addition to the film and in sinetron, artists berzodiak Capricorn is also often appear in a video clip of which model Project Pop, Gigi, The Band, Java Jive, Naff, Kerispatih and Sam Milby.
Caca in private life had engaged with several artists, among lawalata Mario finally dropped out of the way early in the year 2007. And finally anchored in love caca son of rock singer Ahmad Albar and senior Actress Rini S. Bono namely Fachri Albar.


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