Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ayu Anjani starts to be known by its role blessing in colossal sinetron LASMINI. Ayu young being recognized because she had a beautiful body, tall and chubby. While begins fall at world sinetron, Ayu a new one gets age 16 years have had heigh 168 cm and heavy 52 kg.

Ayu was born in Bandung, 11th December 1990 it start her career at year-end 2004 afters grab deep champions a model elect arenas one magazines. Ayu then clears away acting the world by play in a few episode of sinetron CINTA SMU Films's Rapi production. But by its school, Ayu decide momentary vacuum from entertainment biz.

When she was high school, sulung from this brothers five back falls to go to sinetron's the world. Raraswanto's couple daughter and Huda Listy it plays in sinetron LASMINI diwangkara's production. Since overbusy syuting sinetron, finally Ayu decides for homeschooling.

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