Thursday, August 7, 2008


The biography TYA ARIESTYA :
Ariestya Noormita Azhar, that more was known as Tya Ariestya to be the film player and the film. The Tya career was begun as the finalist the Cover of the Girl's election 2001 that was held the Girl's magazine. The alumnus SMAN 8 Jakarta this afterwards tried the world of acting.

The film and the film that had been starred in by him including COOKIES, ARTIS entered DESA, PANGGIL NAMAKU TIGA KALI, and the BINTANG. Pada SECRET in 2008, Tya playing in the film A MATA, with Didi Riyadi. Apart from as the artist, Tya had also become the athlete taekwondo. The former sweetheart from Irwansyah this menekuni self-defence knowledge from Korea since the age 12 years and stopped at the age 17 years. Totally 8 golds, 2 silver, and 1 bronze were snatched by the holder of this black belt.

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