Sunday, August 9, 2009


ZIVANNA and Friends

ZIVANNA Sexy Bikini Photo

ZIVANNA Bikini Sexy Hot Photo

Whether you want to do when you see photos of these photos are, in fact a global era now may just see a normal girl a bikini 2 pieces you may be in the Kuta beach in Bali many foreign tourist, even sometimes without clothes. Which the left is sometimes a daughter of a character to represent the people of Indonesia nota benenya known outside the world is a country with a majority Muslim population in the world although the majority of Indonesian Muslims may be classified as moderate or even very abangan term Gertz.

But this is globalization seems like we do not like would not want to follow them and when it is not as if we considered the nation behind the other nations in the world.

Even routine annual Miss Universe held every year and usually representing India there is a winner of Putri Indonesia. Indeed, many of which still make about the controversy and allow the representative Putri Indonesia to Miss Universe in 2009 which was held in the Bahamas.

And this year 2009 Putri Indonesia, which represents to us there is Zivanna Letisha Siregar winner of Putri Indonesia, Zivanna is a graduate of the University of Indonesia faculty Force Economic Sciences in 2007 and alumnus SMU Al-Azhar Passed in 2007. Achievement, namely Champion Elite Model Look 2006 and became Putri Indonesia 2008.

This month a contest of Miss Universe held in the Bahamas archipelago of 16 - 23 August 2009, but on 6 and 7 are held exposure ago and wow participants, the participants really make the heart more quickly rattle men do not see it except to see the representative of a very hot such as magazine cover models special adult male, but this is our representative, I want more. Please your own value, worth or not.

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