Friday, August 14, 2009


A video that shows the average Marshanda access into tears arise on the Internet. Marshanda a chargeless shirt to bed that sing the song 'Hurts' acreage of Christina Aguilera.

In the video, the alpha of its Marshanda appears to chase the singer songs by Christina Aguilera that, not continued ago and again started arrant and sob.

Even so, Sadly, VJ Ben admirer this several times until the besom abroad his tears.

The aeon of primary academy Marshanda accept anesthetized back a few years ago. However, it seems, he will not be able to absolution the memories of past. Unfortunately, memories are not as bodies imagine. Marshanda a analysis that is not fun of her friends.

This was appear by the babe who is accustomed alleged chacha on the website YouTube. From some of the video, there was a video advantaged Who Do You Think You Are, acquaint by an annual alleged marshanda official. There chacha his familiar name, sing a song blue-blooded the acreage of Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are a dance.

And about at the end of the video be 3.14 minutes, the Marshanda additionally mentioned the names of several her primary school's accompany . Irritated with the accent he said, "The song-this song is absolute for my primary school's accompany who abhorrence me. I do not accept a friend, I attempt like a dement in my own school."

Whether what is absolutely accomplished by chacha in the academy that should fun. Course of the video, it seems affronted and accept some animus with a academy friend.

Until this far, still not acutely accepted buyer the video. However, some video attending absolutely acceptable if the buyer is absolutely Marshanda. Unfortunately, Marshanda and her administrator do not account back asked acceptance about this.

If you want to Watch the Marshanda Video, check it out....

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